How will the Salone del Mobile Milan Design Week be next year, the 60th year?

Will it become extinct as the magnitude of problems created by globalization dawn on us?

I imagine an expansion of the phenomenon of home interior design made up of less. However, in the expression of the contents. Interior Design, being a discipline with a history linked to architectural styles, has always been influenced by the world’s living cultures.

The architects governed the interior design, with great rigour, linking the discipline to the existing styles.

While the Décorateurs and the phenomenon of trendy showrooms, today defined as places of ‘life style’, are linked to the ephemeral, the taste of the moment marked by trends, dictated by the fashion industry and trend forecasters.

The fact is that fashion design has extended its network, through the economic strength of ‘The Brand’: from clothes, now has moved out of fashion, into home interior design, to life style shops.
Interior Design generates a renewal for fashion because it is loaded with new possibilities for furnishing combinations, which allows stylism to extend its borders and commercially preside over new territories, areas that up until recently belonged to the intellectual élite, architects, architectural firms and designers.

The attitude of fashion is to ride on trends and to conceive ephemeral projects, will this Fashion approach just make us passive spectators at the 2021 Fuorisalone events, rather than active and critical visitors that come to see and engage with the projects created by the Milanese house interior design projects, as the host city?

The dominant brand must draw attention as the sole purpose is to sell.
As fashion brands are commercially very strong, we will witness the sad phenomenon of acquisition, through bulimic practices and the progressive disappearance of the small network of intellectuals of
the Milanese house interior design projects.
The phenomenon consisting of small aggregations of Interior design studios, which have made Milan one of the international capitals of Interior design, will be transformed into an enlarged phenomenon of mass visual design, presented by the various stylists in their showrooms.
Everything becomes fashion, in the capital of world fashion.