Anna Gili talks about the Anna G. corkscrew

The official text, inside the packaging of the corkscrew Anna G., states the following: 

Anna G, corkscrew

“The corkscrew Anna G. is a “design portrait”. Dedicated to a real woman it has become an iconic object of contemporary design”. 

I would like to add something personal, since it is I who was the muse and inspiration behind the object, ironically I often have to remind myself that it is the corkscrew that looks like me and not the contrary … The first memory I have of the object is linked to the choice of its name. I still have in my mind the image of Alessandro Mendini, who with great circumspection together with an engaging and seductive voice, similar to the hiss of a snake, approached me to tell me the idea he had together with Alberto Alessi, on the name to be given to the corkscrew he designed in 1994, which was formed in the silhouette of a woman. Alberto Alessi had observed that the figure resembled me and therefore suggested the possibility of calling it Anna Gili.  

Alexander replied that he agreed, except they would need to ask what I thought of the idea and for permission to use my name.  As soon as Alessandro Mendini finished explaining the idea, I thanked him and I went away to think about it.  A request of this kind does not happen every day and therefore I needed some time to reflect upon it. For me the idea of having your name on a corkscrew is fairly unusual.  After some time, I said to Alessandro Mendini, being a designer in my own right, my work was not automatically associated or connected with the Alessi brand and to this corkscrew. It seemed more interesting to me to leave the name Anna but to add the initial of my surname G., which suggested an unknown and veiled person, which in my opinion gave an element of mystery and intrigue to what would eventually become this massively popular character that he had designed. Did I contribute to the great success of this iconic object by my suggestion to remove the ili to just a G.?  If that is the case then I am happy and it is great to be a famous object that exist in houses across the world that have possibly opened millions of bottles of wine in celebrations.