• Ability to adapt
  • Reinvent ways of working
  • Take this opportunity to imagine and create positive changes in our work and everyday environments
  • From interior workspace at home to the traditional office interior larger companies will be functional cleanliness and well being will be bigger than ever.

Here at the Anna Gili studios we employ an empathetic and ethical approach listening, understanding and focusing on what our clients need and how we can give maximum creative input and impact for productivity and enhancement with the ‘work is pleasure’.

Our experiences of Covid have been varied but for many people the isolation of working at home can be range from novel, enjoyable to very being very isolating. So, the office whilst it can remain the traditional work cubicle the importance of collaboration etc is

The shock and fall out of a serious Pandemic has left many of us realising that we are not super humans and we are vulnerable and life is not eternal or a given.

Life is more precious and limited than many of us have been led to believe. Therefore the ‘Office’ Work place and home life need to be more harmonious.

Technology will enhance communication however, it will not be easy to replace humans meeting and the sense of grouping, friendships, sharing etc. So, no one thing is more important than the other. We need to be open and intelligent to variations and optioning that creates a good harmonic and seamless way of life.

This new way of working can have a positive effect on limiting transport and travel costs and impact on eco system.

We enjoy offering our clients Impartial and non-compromised solutions are always refreshing as they are free from constraints promoting ideas in favour of…purely focusing on a client’s needs.

Open air spaces – multiple destinations, products to furnish workers homes with a branded work community. Business is about communication and the idea of the office is a theatrical place that promotes the business and keeps the work force and clients connected. People are now like anchor tv presenters presenting ideas and conversations so the work space from home and in the office needs to have an identity. We can offer furniture, furnishings and spacial solutions to form your company into a state of the art contemporary performance are to perform on the business stage. Our animals in the house now are with us and this can create great community identity that’s caring and full of fun and warmth.

We can socialise on the virtual platforms and the office is a functional meeting space to draw us together to focus, collaborate, care and share.

Our design solutions can help glue companies together and enhance performance health, happiness and well being.

Open spaces, forests, lakes, seaside, mountains, countryside and roof tops.


Living the dream was the idea behind the first wave of the internet in the 1990’s, people worked remotely on the internet from surfing and ski locations..
A fear of staff being absent from office desks and out of sight fuelled by market uncertainties and recessions reverted the idea of freedom of where to work and the work force was returned to the office.
The pandemic emptied the office and coworkig spaces and people started working from home in the way that it was originally intended. Roads and cities emptied, animals and nature thrived without traffic pollution and motion, carbon lowered etc
So, it is possible to live in a new way and proceed to a more harmonic life style etc….
Businesses that have failed with good people they can reform and create new businesses that are better for people’s lifestyles, families animals etc….freindships, fraternity, support groups fixing flaws and guidance,

  • Domestic scenographic a Home
  • Work pods
  • Defining spaces in which to concentrate and focus on work in harmony with outside influences
  • Sound reduction
  • Design
  • Scents can refresh us geranium and grapefruit oil
  • Colour in turn can refresh and invigorate and inspire us
  • Textures comfort us

Anna’s deep knowledge in manipulation and coordination of colour textures objects to create exciting interiors from scratch to elaborate incorporations of Renaissance and Baroque Anna has the experience and understanding to create spaces that understand human nature and to create happy working spaces.

In an age where change and uncertainty prevail Anna Gili studios can provide exciting and invigorating spaces through consultation and workshops.
AGDS can put together experienced specialised people to understand and support your company.


The fire the forest Pods Capsules

We can put together workshops to help businesses put packages together to support and establish fluid, customised, innovative and bespoke workspaces that help maintain the your company identity and ethos and a healthy happy employees set in environments that connects.

We can turn to nature for comforting solutions and the spirit of a place and a space. light colour space identity voice and this has always been an intrinsic part of Anna GDS signature.

The Wonderloft is a beautiful light space and AGDS can help you and your teams create your own Wonderful Spaces

Good well through design is needed more than ever before to help us through this emergency and to emerge from this experience in a positive way.
The world changing effects on individuals, our lives our work our family friends our focus. Our strength is our ability to change and move on,

fun loving spaces we can help you and your work people establish unique special spaces and design furniture and or use existing to customise for this new era.

Design can enhance our mood and focus our thoughts. The benefits are measurable for productivity ad happiness and being.
Coco Channel said ‘Fashion is never anything but an expression of the heart’
We think that your interior other than the importance of functionality can be a great way to express our selves and connect us with one another as we adorn our social media so intro we can once again adorn our interiors like a set design. We can show you how to achieve this so your Brand and identity can sing out and be extraordinary within our and connect, support, unite and strengthen us in these extraordinary times.

Our wealth of experience and love of the theatricalities of life we can offer bright
spaces that connect both physical and virtual realities creat privacy within the home and office spaces that can be the fold the theatre that shapes and identifies your company.


Life is fragile and temporary
Enjoyable work, a joy to work not a favour…

Companies are required to budget especially during this time of financial uncertainty but Design can build bonds that create extraordinary out put both in terms of production, well being, happiness and loyalty. Developing a happy healthy staff in beautiful and crafted harmonic interiors creates a sense of pride and identity. Great design can create a buzz and energy and whilst we enjoy being individuals the power of connected people is untold and a staff that feels cared for means a staff that is united.
Design can achieve this in both bold and subtle ways as Design can be a fluid flexible far reaching dynamic.

Workshops with you to revise your potential to develop within this create a brief .
AGDS can provide support through consultation, workshops and solutions to bring you

Temporary Contemporary

Beautifully crafted for ever or Temporary Contemporary – set design
Over the years Anna’s team have designer many exhibitions and set design for theatre dance and performance art. These rapid installations with film and sound lend themselves to today’s temporary delicate times.
So, why not love life to the full, celebrate and sample life’s natural delicacies and be brave in the Brave new World where Big Brother is your friend and surveillance is for survival rather than simply for pursuit.
Our technology that we enjoy today is a result of distant space travel and the theatre of war. we need to embrace and rely on technology but we can offer the warm side technology and harness the power for the common good.
AGDS can entwine nature and technology ti a sophisticated level to be enjoyed and celebrate. The office 8am to 5pm is from another century now we have to look for new ways and embed the idea of office and work and meetings in nature, city countryside home etc. The city is a place to preform and the office slots into this.

A series of capsule pod working to protect people in the office and create a space in homes or outside meetings
Conducting colour, light, form texture, sound, nurturing environments looking at the brief we can prepare a schedule of relevant solutions relevant to your employees who will have different situations and needs. We help define these in a work shop scenario to arrive at a Brief, Solutions, Installation

JAPAN KOREA many people from all over the world