Poltrona Chesterfield Canova

Armchair Chesterfield

Armchair Canova is a modern Chesterfield design Anna Gili upholstered armchair in leather with chromed buttons with legs in lacquered wood. The Anna Gili luxury furniture brand produces beautiful couture products. Produced in Italy by skilled craftsmen using the finest materials tooled to the highest standards to produce Modern Classic pieces with a twist. Anna Gili brand creates bespoke pieces that inject lively, funky, colourful functional and fun pieces into any Interior. Canova is a contemporary reinterpretation of the sofa Chesterfield. The choice of colors and the use of chromed buttons together with the revisitation of the soft line give to the Chesterfield a new design more in line with modernity. The manufacturing is done by hand by the artisans of Brianza (furnishing specialized district) in Milan. Available in various colors.

Designer: Anna Gili
Year: 2013
Material: leather
Height: 83 cm
Width: 110 cm
Depth: 100 cm


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