The loft is the design of an environment where colour is the protagonist and the definition of the spaces.
I could perhaps compare it to a tridimensional painting which you can actually go into and walk around. The space which you go across is conceived in an engineered and Gestaltic manner; the colour is form and structure, from which the various spaces are then articulated: the day zone, the long corridor-kitchen; the night zone and the upstairs with the guests’ room and the study.
To my way of thinking, this is a macro painting which is turned into a living environment, the inverse process to what a painter who paints a room does, bringing real experience into a flat bidimensional canvas.

Special Projects
Anna Gili's M.U.C.H.: scopri la "Magic Umbria Country House", un'opera davvero unica realizzata nel cuore del bosco umbro, un affresco in armonia con la natura...
Brand & Companies
Tantissime le aziende che si sono rivolte allo studio Anna Gili per realizzare oggetti di design. Tra queste: Alessi, Bisazza mosaici, Byblos Art Hotel...
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