Anna Gili talks about design

Design is a complex word to be read in a transversal manner. It’s a word which brings together many different parallel professions.

  • Interior designer
  • Product Designer
  • Light designer
  • Graphic designer

And many others … Personally I prefer the Italian term: “disegno industriale” (Industrial design).
It’s less trendy than the English term, but using this term in Italian helps us to understand that in order to govern this discipline, it is necessary to avail of a structure as well as a vast and articulate culture. Italian industrial design was born with Leonardo da Vinci. The Renaissance Ateliers were apt at managing any type of design; meaning projects like for example: paintings, frescoes, sculptures, handicrafts created in craftsmen’s workshops and so forth. As “Art applied to industry”, design implicates a high professional caliber, and, further to a strong cultural base, it is necessary to have a lot of experience. Then you also need a certain touch of enjoyment, which stems from the comparison of the diverse categories of objects and their rapport with space.

The dominant styles and the fashions in the world of design do not interest me a great deal, because first of all, they are born to be superseded, and secondly, they last even less, and to follow them means sacrificing one’s own thought. I find it interesting to focus attention on the diverse intercultural languages and on their evolution.
My way of designing reflects an old passion, inherited from my ancestors and from the rapport I have with Umbrian nature and environment. The objects which surround us are not neutral and impersonal; nay, they participate in life, they are interactive, they maintain the ties with our innermost imaginations, and even reflect the different cultures of the different places in the world.

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