Anna Gili: my approach to Interior Design

  My activity as an interior designer was born of an artistic approach rather than an architectural one as far as space is concerned.
The term space, as spatial structure, influences and determined my first relationship with a place.

The design intuition which comes of it must then interrelate with the environment you want to create, in which you must take account of the differences of who is going to live there, that is: the geographical and psycho-socio-cultural roots, behavior and persuasions, manias and phobias, dreams … without forgetting the “secret gardens of his/her inner world”. In my vision, the interior designer plays a fascinating role, both complex and delicate of mediator of culture in space; what I mean is things like: existent or pre-existent architectural structure, traditions, vocations, visions and cultural profile of the person who will live in this space.

My approach is meant to be of an eclectic nature, visionary and independent of architectural and interior designer prejudice. My sensitivity in relation to places and their previous lives, my aptitude and capacity in using the diverse chromatic shades from pastel to intense colour, are what constitute the strong points in my work.  

Below are some images of the Wonderloft, one of the latest creations of interior design by Anna Gili.
Click on the image to see an enlargement.

Photographs by G. Giannini

Visit the Wonderloft!

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Interior Design: The Wonderloft
Visita la sezione Wonderloft. "L'edificio da ristrutturare all'interno del quale scelsi lo spazio che divenne il mio loft era molto ampio con dei muri alti 8 metri..."